We specialize in the buying and selling of timeshare intervals at select Southern California resorts

Owning a Welk Timeshare is a great way to get away and have a home away from home. Although people love their timeshares with Welk, there are times when they must part ways with it, whether it be due to financial hardships or any other reason. If the decision ultimately is to sell their timeshare, people need to be aware of companies or individuals who may be trying to take advantage of their situation. It’s important to be cautious and thoroughly research options before committing. Here are some tips for selling your Welk timeshare.

Right away there are some red flags you should be wary of. One is when the company or individual contacts you first. This may include contact via a letter, phone call, or emails offering to sell your timeshare for you or buy it from you.

Be careful if the buyer, or another party, requests power of attorney to act in your name, or discourages you from contacting the company who sold you your timeshare. In addition, always ensure the party selling your timeshare is a real estate agent or broker licensed to sell real estate in California.

Another thing to be wary of is when the company or individual makes promises they may not be able to keep. Potential scammers might guarantee that they can sell your timeshare within a certain amount of time, or will promise that you will get a large return. If a company is guaranteeing you something that sounds like it could be too good to be true, express caution going forward and research the company before agreeing to anything.

When a company or individual requires that you pay them a fee upfront before they sell your timeshare, this can be a sign of fraud. This is important because once a scammer has your payment, they might not be inclined to sell your property and you may never hear from them again. Instead, look for a company that will accept payment after making the sale. That way, you know they are as invested as you are in selling your Welk Timeshare and won’t just walk away with the money you paid them upfront.

There are more red flags you will want to look out for when you’re getting ready to sell your Timeshare. Be wary if the company or individual says that they have a buyer ready to purchase your property. Express caution even if they seem knowledgeable about your property and the deal sounds legitimate.

Here are some tips for what not to do when you’re looking to sell your Welk Timeshare. It may be unwise to wire money to companies requiring you pay them upfront fees. These fees can be called many things such as an appraisal fee, advertising fee, or even a fee for taking pictures of your timeshare. If you aren’t sure about a company, it is always a good idea to research them and see what other people’s experience with them were. Also, you should avoid giving out personal information upfront. Things like your social security number and personal address should not be needed right away.

Hopefully this information has helped make the task of selling your Welk Timeshare less stressful. While these tips should help you stay away from scammers, the best option would be to contact Welk Owner Services first. Owner Services is interested in helping you along the way so that you won’t have to worry about falling prey to unethical third party scammers. They are there to ensure that those in the ownership community are satisfied and have a smooth transition from ownership if needed.

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