Important Information on Selling Your Timeshare

You've enjoyed vacationing at your timeshare, your home away from home, but now are looking to sell. Perhaps you have experienced a change in employment, a reduced income, or you have moved from the area. Whatever the reason, you have decided to sell your Welk Timeshare. We understand, and we want to help you have a safe and problem-free transition from timeshare ownership.

Please carefully consider the following information before selling your timeshare to any third parties.

Speak with Welk First

The best option is to contact Welk Owner Services first to discuss your specific needs. Owner Services can provide you with the information and programs you need to help avoid falling victim to timeshare ownership scams.

Check your purchase and sale agreement to ensure your rights before trying to sell your timeshare. Welk may have the right of first refusal, which may prohibit you from selling to a third party without Welk’s review.

Look for Red Flags

When looking to sell to an individual or organization, be aware of "red flags" - any conditions that may indicate that a buyer may be part of a scam. Red flags may include:

The buyer, or another party, requests power of attorney to act in your name, or discourages you from contacting the company who sold you your timeshare.

The buyer contacted you, whether by phone, email, or postal mail seemingly out of the blue. If a buyer reached out to you first, this can be a sign that he or she has their own agenda - one that may involve taking your hard-earned money. Beware of buyers that fall into this category.

The buyer makes guarantees or unrealistic promises. Read all emails, website postings, letters, or postcards carefully and beware those that promise unreasonable returns. Remember, anyone can anonymously post advertisements on websites such as Craigslist. Do your research to ensure that a company is legitimate. Contact the Better Business Bureau to determine the company's reputation and whether complaints have been filed against it. If it sounds too good to be true, it’s likely that it is.

The buyer demands that you take immediate action. A scammer may demand that you make a commitment before ending the call, or a website may display a timer counting down the seconds until an offer ends. These tactics are designed to encourage you to commit before you have time do research or think about an offer. Acting without due consideration may cause you to fall victim to these scams.

The buyer requests that you send money in advance of receiving any services from them. Beware of buyers who request payment from you up front. Classic timeshare buying scams have involved requests for "administrative fees" or "closing costs." During a legitimate transaction, the seller will not be required to pay these fees. Never wire money to a buyer or release your banking information. Advanced payment for services is a common sign of illegitimacy.

The buyer requests personal information. Scammers can use information such your phone number, birthdate, and social security number to steal your identity. Be wary of any buyer who requests inordinate amounts of personally identifying information. Never open email attachments without first scanning them with anti-virus software. When placing ads on community sites such as Craigslist, never invite a respondent to your home. If you must meet with a buyer in person, do so in a public setting during normal business hours.

Contact Welk Today!

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